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Nelson Brothers Agency Blog

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After the passing of NBA employee Joleen Dalton, we gave mention and thanks to Davenport Police Corporal Michael Greenleaf who took in and adopted Joleen's beloved pet dog Heidi.   Well NBA's commercial lines service manager, Kaitlin Schepers, took it a step further and nominated Corporal Greenleaf to Ascentra Credit Union and WQAD's "Pay It Forward" and he won! READ MORE >>

Joleen Dalton came to Nelson Brothers Agency in 2015 with the acquisition of Karwath Insurance.  After many years of working at Karwath Agency, she served Nelson Brothers Agency clients for the past 3 years.  Joleen was a good hearted, no-nonsense lady who was a good friend and who's company we will miss. READ MORE >>

Business leaders make decisions each day on a range of issues including things like hiring, firing, compensation, promotions and the work environment. Every one of these decisions impacts your employees and, depending on the outcome, could result in a claim related to wrongful employment practices. READ MORE >>

Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced a lawsuit against a Downers Grove, Ill.-based home improvement business for misleading hundreds of residents into paying for home repair work they did not realize they agreed to and may not have wanted.     READ MORE >>

Before you purchase a car, it's a good idea to understand all the costs associated with the purchase of the vehicle. Including the cost of automobile insurance. The Basics. Learning about how automobile insurance rates are determined will help you to navigate why rates vary and assist you with your auto buying decision. READ MORE >>

You may feel excited at the chance to get behind the wheel, but it's normal to feel a little anxious about driving too. That's why you should use these tips to stay safe on the road. * Always use your seat belt, even if you're just going for a short drive down the block... Its the law! READ MORE >>

There are a variety of hazards in tree care that can cause serious or fatal injuries. Some of the most common causes are electrocution, fails and falling objects. Many of the injuries and fatalities are preventable, however. Employers are responsible for the safety of all tree-care employees. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, you strive to hire qualified employees to work for you. Unfortunately, as you are well aware, not ever y hiring decision goes as planned. Even if an employee is terminated for legitimate reasons such as poor attendance or unsatisfactory work habits. Every termination opens the door for potential lawsuits. READ MORE >>

To get the proper amount of omega-3 fat, you should consume two or more servings of fatty fish such as salmon, herring, whitefish, tuna, mackerel, rainbow trout or sardines each week. You could also take a fish oil supplement to obtain the equivalent of two fatty fish meals, which equates to roughly 600 mg of omega-3 fat in the form of supplements per day. READ MORE >>

Employee benefits liability (EBL) is insurance that covers businesses from errors and omissions that occur when employee benefit plans are administered. These errors and omissions may include failing to enroll, maintain or terminate employees in a plan, and failing to correctly describe benefit plans and eligibility rules to employees. READ MORE >>

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